Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sometimes even when you have what you want - you still don't like it.

Today I moved offices, and I am so glad its over.  Im feeling much happier in my new, and for the moment dust-free environment.  Well, that is just that the dust hasnt settled yet!  Once that happens, it will be a different story. 
But at least there were no bug carcasses in this new place so her
s hoping!

Truly its a decent space.   Even bigger than I really need.  I dont have that much stuff to occupy a big space, but its really nice to have room anyway.

Today for lunch, I had sushi.  I was beyond happy to have it.  And typically I love the sushi from this little restaurant but you know today I just wasnt loving it.  The Hamachi had different taste to it; and the salmon rolls were a little more petite than I thought.  Sushis relatively petite to begin with and so to have it downsized or seem to be downsized, not fun.

I was supposed to run the lake tonight but the heat index is supposedly not good (whatever) so well see how that goes.  Its not as if Ive never run outdoors before and truly when the sun goes down at 7, it will be much cooler.  Im a little cranky because I was sort of lectured about running tonight and I think that sort of put me in a bad mood overall

So maybe the sushi wasnt so bad after all..its just my perspective for the day thats off.

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