Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A serious hole in fashion...

Last night was the Celebrity Putt, and it was nice. The Ferncroft is a
beautiful country club, although we weren't actually allowed inside of
it. Fortunately it was a gorgeous night out and so being outdoors for
the event was a treat. Interestingly enough, a company that I used to
work for was one of the "teams" that was playing with all of the
"celebrities". The owner and I are on excellent terms, and had I gotten
her attention - I'm sure she'd have had me go out there with her if she
(She's the same person who invited me to the annual party at
Fenway that I went to in January. )
Only problem is, she's legally blind
so if I'm not right in front of her - or someone doesn't tell her I'm
there, she won't see me - and I wasn't about to yell her name. I mean,
she was probably 6 feet in front of me, but you know - I just am not
that kind of person. So, I watched her and the people she was with
her usual entourage who would've seen me and told her I was there)
got to enjoy seeing how happy they all were meeting the different ball
players and of course, (be still my beating heart!) "the man of the
hour". There were definitely some "interesting"
(read between the
lines on that one!)
people there, which made me appreciate even more all
the generosity of players giving their time to talk to everyone. It's
got to be tough when you've always got all sorts of people screaming
your name.

So, this morning as I was getting ready for work it truly dawned on me
that I do not have any casual clothes for summer. I have some pretty
work clothes, that are clearly multipurpose for if I'm going out
someplace. But I have no casual shorts, cargo shorts, tank tops, short
sleeved shirts and the like. I don't even have a cute little skirt or
anything like that. You know for if I'm just kicking it back at a
barbecue that isn't a pool party. And truthfully, I could use another
bathing suit or two. Seriously, I have two pair of shorts. One are
these cute purple madras plaid pair that are in the wash - the others
are jeans shorts that I'm wearing today. But I really didn't want to
wear them, you know? I wanted something a little lighter to wear
because yes, it's wet and damp and hot in here again today. So anyway,
it became abundantly apparent that a little shopping is going to have to
take place.

So the list for this weekend's hopeful fix for my fashion woes are....
Shorts, skirts/sundresses, tanks/Tshirts, shoes and sandals.

Suggestions on any places having some great fashion and decent prices?
Because I'm thinking Old Navy and Burlington Coat Factory...
Ms. Ann Taylor and I are getting together next week to spruce up the
rest of the wardrobe.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I hit up Kohl's and NY&Co. NY&Co can be a good deal if you score a coupon (usually something like $25 off a ourchase of $60 or more, stuff like that) -- you can get the coupons by snail mail or email if you sign up with their site I believe.

Nichole M said...

Might I also suggest Anthropologie? Last time I was out there it was in the mall near Newton... can't remember the name at the moment. Sad, since I worked at the JCrew there. :-P

Rebecca said...

Dawn - you were in CT? When are you coming up to Boston? Same w. you Nichole! The three of us could hook up, catch a Sox game - do some shopping....?

Thanks for the suggestions! nyc & CO I have a difficult time finding my size - but Kohls' is definitely a possibility; same with Anthropogie. I do believe there's one at either North Shore Mall or Rockingham.

Muchos Gracias Amigas...

Nichole M said...

I remembered where it was! Chestnut Hill! I'm a major dork. Let us know what you find!

~**Dawn**~ said...

I was up for the weekend. My god daughter had her 4th birthday party. =) One of these times I need to plan a longer trip than a weekend & meet up with some of the cool bloggers from that neck of the woods!