Monday, June 09, 2008

So much to process...

Today is most definitely a Monday.

To start, I had a conversation with my mother that wasnt so great; we didn’t argue or anything but life isnt going well for my parents at the moment so thats weighing heavily on my mind.

Then, I had an issue with my new company and their policy on vacation time. My task leader just keeps shaking his head because my company is clearly not dealing with the expansion of additional personnel all that well, and for some reason, theyve decided to use me as their problem child. Only problem is, Im not doing anything wrong or out of policy. Ive followed all their requests, submitted my three days off for this summer in advance (yes, only three days! And not together, one a month!!) had them approved, and still they are having issue with the fact that I work only 35 hours as opposed to 40 because they dont really want me using vacation time, theyre prefer I comp the time. Which of course I cant do, since I work 35 hours. And hello isnt vacation a benefit that Im entitled to as an employee?? WTF.

A friend of mine in the office suggested the last time I had the round robin of emails with them, that it may have something to do with my appearance; a thought that hadnt crossed my mind up until she had said it. The scenario is this: thepresident of the company (whom I do all the interacting with) is a stay at home mom of 4, and her husband is the one Ive met and inprocessed with. My friend suggested that its possible that her husband might have inadvertently made a comment about my appearance, andsince she is the one who actually got my badge made - she might have just put the two together and there you have it: Insta-Meow. I hadnt even thought about that, because I truly dont think that way myself but my friend said candidly that even her husband is sensitive about making comments about her friends appearances to her, just becausewell, she might not mean to be upset about it, but she might be. Interesting, huh? So I dont really know if the issue is my beingpart time, is it just me (as much it can be from not ever meeting me?) or a combination of both. Id really hate to think that it would be along the lines of what my friend suggested. Partly because, thats a sad state of thought from a woman who owns a business; and partly because seriously, thats just foolish.

Moving on to a phone call I received from the town manager. It was a good phone call, all sorts of exciting things about the petition and a liquor license, but Im not quite ready to spill the beans on that one, just yet. Needless to say though, it did prompt me to call the local paper and retract a very lovely letter to the editor I had written to thank the people who have graciously supported the cause thus far. That may be better served at a later date if the turn of events that could go place, do occur.

The only real saving grace to the day is that tonight is the Jason Varitek golfing soiree that Im going to and of course, some great sushi for dinner.

Hopefully the location is air conditioned, because its not air conditioned here in work, and its disgustingly humid and sticky in here. Seriously, my clothes feel damp and were all sort of sticking to the desks and keyboards.

I so can not wait to hit the shower.


Suldog said...

The thing that struck me was the calling of the paper to retract the letter. Good on you. And lucky to be able to get it done before it went to print, too.

Best of luck on all fronts. God bless!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Suldog. :)
There's so many variables and it's all so nebulous right now...I just don't want to make a wrong move anywhere!!!