Friday, June 27, 2008

What's cookin' for the weekend??

You know, every Friday Im glad its here --- but for some reason, today I am exceptionally happy that the work week is over. Im really tired (more on that later!), and a little cranky actually. Id call today, Fussy Friday that would be a good nickname of the day. Im a little cranky because I get frustrated at times when good and happy and exciting things go on, and without fail there cant be a little drama that goes along with it. That sort of makes me feel.sad, I guess. But it will pass both the drama, and my feelings about it because its truly not anything for anyone to be upset over.

Especially when theres so many other good things going on in life! Like a new addition to the family.!! I cant wait to see my new little nephew who was born earlier this week. Id have loved to have gone and seen him before he came home, but unfortunately with my work situation as it is -- its not as if I can take time off during the day; and my sister in law has been very tired at night so it makes more sense to go see her over the weekend. I am so looking forward to seeing them both. Its been so long since Ive held a little baby sigh. So thats the fun planned for the end of the weekend.

Rewind to last night. We went to dinner in the North End at Luccas. It was.phenomenal. The food was outstanding. The service? Thats a different storybut the funny part about that, is that not having a good seat or good service led to a lot of funny stories that well get to look back and laugh on. And it all turned out well in the end, especially since we had an unexpected guest who lives in the North End come join us at the table and spend the evening with us as well it was just a really good time overall. And I really cant say enough about the food. Its pricey but worth it. Id suggest only having one drink with dinner and save the desserts and coffees for one of the cafes. (ooh, or Lulu’s Cupcakes, directly across the street -- whom I love, love, love!!!) Because the bar tab cost as much if not more than the meal! But for the meal, it was well worth it. And though Im suggesting hitting a café or elsewhere for dolci their flourless chocolate cake was in a word unbelievable.

Tonight I have yoga after work, which I cant stress enough how much Im looking forward to. Its been far too long and it is so cold in work today, I cant wait to get into a hot room and sweat. Then, my son has his last baseball game of the season and cookout. Its a makeup game from one day that was rained out so. that should be fun. Tomorrow we have a birthday party thats a pool party, so fingers crossed that the sun cooperates

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you may be doing!


Suldog said...

Last game of the season? Aw. Does he have any sort of summer league?

Rebecca said...

LOL, truthfully he's happy to have seen the end. It was slower than he thought it would be -- and at 7, it's rather long to sit on the bench. :) I'm sure he'll enjoy it more each season...!

He'll be doing soccer in the summer, which he loves because he's always on the field and in the mix. Very little benchtime....