Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Thoughts for this week....

1. Don't sweat the small stuff. So, today wasn't a great day yet again regarding the company I work for. They aren't aware that my task lead fills me in on all the things they say about me -- and he whole heartedly disagrees. Problem is, he doesn't want to jeopardize his own job that he's trying to get upgraded - so he's hesitatant to speak up. Although, he told me that they were "disappointed" in him for not chiming in against me the other day. And truthfully, he told me its because he disagrees and just doesn't want to get in the middle. I can't say that I blame him.

2. I'm in hyperorganization mode again. I bought utility racks for my garage and entirely cleaned it out and reorganized it. I bought another one today for the gym and plan to stack everything neatly rather than the way it is at the moment. Which really irks me. I also bought an over the door shoe rack for the gym as well because truthfully - I'm tired of looking at shoes and sneakers on the stairs. It looks good, and it's neat! Mission accomplished.

3. So excited for this weekend. I'm taking the kids to the Strawberry Festival at Verrill Farm which is our most favorite farm to go to. We've never been to this festival - just the Tomato and Corn one, and I'm sure it won't dissapoint. Fingers crossed that the weather will cooperate!

4. The countdown has begun for the Beckett Bowl. I can't wait to go. I'm hoping my sister will join me earlier in the evening rather than later. Not that I didn't have fun alone last year - but truthfully, it's so much fun to go with someone else. I'm looking forward to seeing the lineup, and it will be pretty exciting to see if any of the Celtics players go. I cant remember who was there from last year -- I think I saw Paul Pierce, and maybe Glen Davis? But I'm not positive.

5. I'm so missing yoga. I haven't been able to go in almost an month now - and I'm so needing it. I think I need a little good karma, and some OM to brighten my otherwise sort of edgy mood. I've been running a decent amount - I'm going to run the lake in a few minutes actually - but it's not the same doing just running. Physically it isn't the same and certainly not mentally. I'm definitely looking forward to trying to get back into my Tuesday/Friday at a minimum.

And that's all I've got for the moment. I had a great post lined up for today -or at least a funny one -but you know, after talking to my task leader this afternoon, I just wasn't feeling very...frivolous.


Nichole M said...

Ugh. That's the worst. When your direct supervisor disagrees with something that's happening to you but won't speak up so he can save his own skin. I was there just last January, actually. Sorry.

That strawberry festival sounds like so much fun!

Beckett Bowl? Is that like golfing with Tek except you're bowling with Joshy? So. Freaking. Cool.

Glitter said...

You know...if you want company. I'll go! : )

Rebecca said...

LOL - Nichole its WAY better than the golfing w. Tek. WAAY better.

Check out my backposts for Sept 14-ish of last year. I think that's when it was. It was awesome....!

Glitter - I'd totally bring you if I could, but it's my sister's husband who gets us the VIP and he only gets 2. :)

Oh, and thanks for the invite for the party at the company, btw..!