Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guess I'm just the vengeful type...

There is a growing epidemic in society, and its becoming progressively worse.

Its called Murder.

I know Ive written many a rant regarding abuse towards children, but today Im going to exclude that from my topic list. That in of itself is so abhorrent that it warrants its own topic; and Im sure there will be yet another horrific crime that will trigger one of those rants from me at some point in the future. But todays topic of disgust is focused around adults. Clearly, divorce just isnt an option anymore.

1. James Keown poisons his wife with anti-freeze. Ah yes, now theres a creative one. Hard to tracedifficult to truly have a smoking gun with, right? Unfortunately, his actions speak loud enough considering there were enough lies and financial woes to show that there was motive (oh, and admitted interest in investing in a sports car) for insurance money. Poor girl, going to Harvard and working full time gets poisoned to death by the person she thought loved her?? Im so looking forward to seeing the conviction come out of this case.

2. Neil Entwistle and his defense team are absolutely insane. Im sorry, they want a jury of my peers to believe that this woman shot both her infant daughter and herself -- and then proceeded to get up, put the gun away, avoid dripping blood from her fatal wounds all over the room and then reposition herself back in bed with the baby and peacefully pass onto the afterlife. Seriously?!?! Clearly they think were smoking the same crack that good ol Neil is smoking.

3. Scuba Diver and Certified Rescue Diver Gabe Watson just lets his newlywed wife Tina sink to the bottom of the ocean, waving off others trying to help all for the insurance money. He thought he had the perfect crime; and here this girl was thinking she was marrying the love of her life, the very person who should protect her and care for her all the days of her life. Just a couple of weeks before the wedding he asked her to increase her life insurance policy. Who thinks of these things?!!?!? Especially when youre planning to get married! That is not the time to be thinking of that. Maybe if you have children, and life is getting on and you want to ensure that your family is taken care of down the road, but not at this juncture!! And then, to add to insult to injury at her fathers suggestion the girl lies to her husband to be and says she took care of it and increased the policy. The joke is sort of on him he killed his bride, and she hadnt increased it. But the guilt her poor father is feeling right now is just awful. However, if he didnt do it then rest assured hed have done it later. It truly turns my stomach.

There are many more cases, but these are just the three at the top of my mind for today. Since when isnt divorce an option? Is money that important? And if so, heres a thought for you: WORK for it. INVEST. Truly, a million dollars today isnt the same as it was a few years ago and isnt a persons life invalueable?!?!

These are just some of the many reasons why I whole heartedly support the death penalty. I dont believe in forgiveness in some cases. I dont believe there are people who deserve it. And I truly do not think that God will forsake me for feeling this way.


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I'm with you. Let them taste their own medicine. That way *my* heard-earned money doesn't have to give them food, clothes, and a place to work out.