Thursday, June 05, 2008

I am SUCH an idiot.

I'd been so looking forward to going to the Jason Varitek Celebrity
Putt-Putt on Monday with my friend Michelle. I'd been putting off
getting the tickets because I was caught up in the whole birthday party
planning and coordinating, etc... so I just figured I'd buy them the
following week.

Well, guess who forgot to order the tickets? I did. And it just dawned
on me today that it's taking place on Monday. For some reason, the last
week or so has just flown right by! I meant to order them on the 1st,
and clearly that date just blew right by me.

So, I frantically searched went to the website to order my tickets. The
link was still active to purchase spectator tickets - so I went to buy
them, and to my surprise - the link didn't work. So, I called the
contact number thinking it was a technical glitch since there was no
"sold out" message posted; I wasn't even able to finish my sentence
before the girl on the other end sort of huffed and said "sold out." I
said, "I'm sorry, I wasn't finished. What's sold out?" And she said
"what you're looking for". So I said, "oh, the Celebrity Putt Putt" -
and she said "yes, you're out of luck". Sigh...

I know I'm out of luck there chicky --- and hey, thanks for throwing the
salt into the wound about it.


Glitter said...

Try posting something on Craig's List. You might actually be surprised.

Rebecca said...

Hey Glitter!
So the postscript to the story is that I did manage to get a pair. The hospital that the charity is for has tickets available and so I'm picking them up tomorrow.

And since its a charity event, I'll probably donate a little extra. There's a big swing in price between the spectator ticket and the sponsor level - so I can probably afford to do something a little inbetween on my own. :)

Nichole M said...

What an F.B.! And, no, I don't mean foreign body. :-P But I'm so glad you were able to get a pair of tix! Whew!