Wednesday, June 08, 2011

So much to say -- so little time!

Or rather, no patience to take the time to say it all. That might be a more accurate statement.

1. We have a home inspection on Monday.
So very exciting for the new house to be moving forward. I think the only real obstacle - and truly, not an obstacle, I don't think - is the appraisal. It's just that houses in this particular price range are a bit fewer and further between so it may be a challenge for pulling comps; but the house is definitely worth the price, comps aside - so I'm pretty hopeful that it won't be too much of an issue. And we will cross that road when we get to it....

2. I almost feel badly for Casey Anthony. Almost...but not quite. The defense is laughable, and truly - the evidence is mounting against her rather strongly. I don't see how she's going to get anything but murder in the 1st. I sort of get irritated when I see talk host types (such as Dr. Drew -- who, by the way is a sex/drug addict therapist -- does that mean we want to see him on late night CNN/Fox? This girl thinks not..,but I digress.) say that our fascination with this case is the "soap opera drama' that goes with it.

Listen up my friend - that's not the attraction or fascination with this case. It's the sheer disbelief and horror that a beautiful young girl could be killed and thrown away like trash by her mother, who -- as she is attractive, makes it that much more difficult for society to believe she would do that because, of course - attractive people do no wrong, right? It's complete horror and we don't want to believe it -and we're disgusted by the details but we can't stop watching because our hearts are broken by it. The atrocity of the crime and the callousness of the mother is just something that seems inhuman. We don't really want to watch it - but yet we are riveted at the same time. And thank God for that - otherwise little Caylee would be a nameless, faceless victim of child abuse. It's not soap opera, or drama - it's the humanity in us that makes us watch and continue to watch - and hope and pray that Casey Anthony gets the punishment that she deserves.

3. Feeling chunky. Okay, so maybe that's a bit exaggerated. It's only 7lbs but wow - I am feeling them. I'm probably the least in shape I've been in 6 years and I just can't get myself motivated to take the time to get back to running. I've had no opportunity to practice yoga - which I sorely miss, but I should be able to at least squeeze a run in! I am getting back into the groove on Monday, so this is my last week of indulgence. Starting Monday, it's back to running and shedding some of this extra blah....

4. And finally - a little something to make you laugh.
Because haven't we all known a Cooper, at some point? Or maybe - a dumbass??

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