Monday, June 06, 2011

Cautious optomism....

So, while I'm too tired at this moment to go into details -- it appears that the house we love, love, love is going to work out after all.

I have in my hot little hands -- a Purchase & Sale agreement.

No transplanting the kids to a new school system and new friends! We move literally around the corner from where we are now....a great neighborhood, (other kids in the area -- priceless!!!)fenced backyard, an inground pool -- and G is beyond excited about the big ol' pond in the backyard to go paddleboating or kayaking in. Plus, he can't wait to stake out a spot to put a koi pond in. Fun, right?

It's been a long road. And not exactly a smooth one.
But if all goes well, by the end of July it will be all over.

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