Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend wrapup...

1. Dear Martinelli '06 Bella Vigna Pinot Noir: Help me feel better about the very real possibility of having to move my kids to another town. Okay, so truthfully - while the wine is rocking delicious (and a bit sweeter than I'd normally prefer when it comes to a Pinot Noir, but I digress...) - it's actually making me ponder what my hang up really is. I mean, so long as I'm moving my kids to an equally good or better school system (in this case, it would be better and I love, love, love my school current school system), what is my issue? I mean, the kids are all friends online with XBOX Live, so staying in touch is certainly not a big deal. And it's not so far away that friends can't come and visit on's not like when I was a kid. When you moved - it was the end of the world. And fortunately, it's not as if my children lack in social skills so as that they can't easily make friends. So really, why am I feeling as if my nails are being torn from my fingers when I think of moving out my current zip code? There is a house two towns over that looks spectacular on line - everything we're looking for in a house, plus it's a great school system - and so I think I really need to just get a grip. The kids aren't overly averse to the idea, so why the heck am I having such difficulty?

2. It's Father's Day weekend! And I have yet to send a gift to my Father. Oops.... Must get on that promptly.

3. It's Father's Day weekend....and the kids and I went and did our traditional gift of a photographic Tshirt. This will be G's 11th Tshirt, and it's amazing to see how the kids change each year. I swear, my kids will do this when they're in their 20s if I have my way! And it will be even more fun when they get older because when they have children, it will be "Grandfather" shrits (though truly, we won't be old enough to be grandparents, just sayin'...) with the kids on them. I love having traditions, they're so important to me - and so I hope that someday my kids appreciate the traditions that we have and continue them on in their own family. Even if it's something as small as a picture on a Tshirt....

4. And finally.... no matter what is going on in life, no matter whether the sun is shining outside or it's raining -- enjoy the ones you surround yourself with. Life is too short to be grumpy or angry. Let it go, and just love the life you have. Nothing lasts forever, and even if you're in a bad spot right now - it's only going to be temporary. Good times, bad times -- nothing stays static forever. So accept the here and now - and look toward the future. Embrace your health, and your wealth of personal value. And live life as loudly as you can! Hug and kiss the ones who mean the most to you....and have fun with whatever you do.

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