Friday, June 03, 2011

Momma's got a brand new bag....

Or pair of shoes....

So, it's been some time since I bought myself shoes. I really haven't been to DSW -- and we all know that it's been some time since the Angels have sung to me at the Wrentham city limit,, on my way home I had a few extra minutes to spare and I ran into Marshalls where I scored two fun pairs of shoes.

Of course, I went in there to buy things that the kiddies needed....bathing suits, summer shorts, etc. And I bought them all that they needed, but...I was going to put these fun shoes back. I asked the woman at the register to give me the the subtotal of my order, and the Mother's guilt kicked in. I told her I was putting them back.

But the cashier, an older woman - gave me my total and said "honey, I've been there. Can you afford the shoes?" and I said "yes....I just feel silly buying such dressy shoes for myself, I don't go anywhere....". And she said, "buy them. Wear them out for dinner with your family. Wear them cleaning the house if you want. You shouldn't hesitate on something for yourself - even if it's a fancy pair of shoes if it won't make you miss a bill. Life is too short."

I took her advice.

So these fabulous shoes which go for far more than what I spent - are incredibly comfy and I am so wearing them this weekend to a graduation party we're attending. They are sexxxxxxy. Period.

Now these, while high - are much more practical as they are black, and strawlike wedges which makes them suitable for poolside, or with jeans -- or even a dress.

My heartfelt thanks go out to the lovely lady working the register.
She was right.

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