Monday, June 13, 2011

Scary Mom Moment #453231

Well, really the number isn't that high.
But I'm sure it will be at some point!

Today, we came home to hear that my son was hit in the head with a basketball that was kicked, and hit him so hard that it knocked him down and he cried. Which, is rather unusual because he's 10 and doesn't often cry when he gets hurt. And you know he was hurt because he had a friend over - and he cried in front of him. Actually, it was his much bigger friend who kicked the ball and felt horrible that it happened....

So, this took place about 45 minutes before we got home. And my son just didn't look right; I asked how he was feeling and he said he felt nauseous. Then he told me that he thought he was going to throw up right after it happened, but fortunately he didn't. He also said that his eyes were a little blurry and he was still queasy. That was all I had to hear....

I took him to the clinic around the corner from our house (it's actually an ER extension from the local hospital, which is nice that it's so close for times like this. They have everything from PeTScans to CaTscans - to labs, etc...) I got really nervous when the triage nurse asked him questions and he was slow to answer them -and got a few wrong.

Then I felt like I was the one that was going to throw up.

But fortunately - there was no waiting on this, they saw him immediately and truth be told after about 15 minutes of us being there, before the doctor even walked in the room - he looked much better, and was talking much better, and I felt rather relieved. The doctor confirming that there didn't seem to be a concussion - though to still watch him, incase he starts vomiting - was so good to hear - and like I told him, I'd much rather be safe than sorry.

So instead of a few years being taken off my life, today it was only a few months.

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