Thursday, June 23, 2011

Interjections show excitement, and emotion....

or rather, AAAAAAAAAAAAgh!

And the house saga goes on.

So last night we look at a house that is a complete construction buildout; the owners started but never completed so there's a huge house just waiting to be made. And it already has an inground pool - and it's in our town, the right district of school, and last night G had to have it. Had to.

Tonight we looked at it again with my MIL who is a General Contractor & Construction Project Manager to give us a realistic cost estimate and perspective on the house. Two thumbs up - which is great. But a challenge we face is that G doesn't have much vision to imagine what it will look like done - so I can't get a straight answer out fo him as to whether or not this is what he wants - or would he prefer to wait and find a finished house that either has a pool or we can put one into.

I know it's overwhelming but my concern is that he'll pass and then regret it - which can happen from time to time. But my other concern is that we also passed on the house we loved at one point because the owner was playing games, and while we hated that - we could potentially have wrapped this up already.

I'm thinking tomorrow's a new day and he'll have digested it and we can chat further; I think this house is a real possibility for us and that's pretty exciting.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.....

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