Thursday, June 16, 2011

Easy come, easy go....this won't break my heart dontcha know...

And once again, the rollercoaster ride goes on...
And the house that we at one point loved - and had the home inspection this week - has fallen through. Again.

And interestingly enough....lots of interest in my house, with a potential offer maybe on the table. The only good thing to that is they are open to waiting until December so we can find a house since ours fell through. Seriously - will any of this ever synch??

I do believe it will....everything happens for a reason. I remember how frustrated I was with all of our "almost" opportunities with building a second store -and then suddenly, it all fell into place almost immediately after another opportunity had passed. And you know what - it was the perfect fit.

So, while we can't see it now...there is a house that we are perfect for - and is perfect for us, and it will show it's little head soon.

I'm sure of it.

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Elaine said...

I'm sure of it too.