Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who put the "bomp" in the "bomp shoo bomp shoo bomp"...

So it's a humdinger of a night in sports.

Celtics & Sox.
Do the Celtics wrap it up tonight -- or do we go to Game 7.
If I was a gambling girl, I'd say the Celts in 7; but hey - I'm rather noncommital, hence my lack of interest in gambling. So who knows what will happen....

Just a quick question here... Victor Martinez as an All Star ballot? I'm sorry...?
Okay, I get why he was selected. But really????
(hmmph, flipping hair. changing subject.....)

Speaking of the Sox, the Red Sox wines are gracing the shelves on my store tomorrow. I wasn't going to do it because typically they aren't good wine; however this year's selections seem promising because the vineyard that's producing them is solid; the only one from years past that I'm bringing in is...you got it....Captain's Cabernet. It's really not that good (sorry Jason!) but I want it on the shelf to show him a little love. Besides, a portion of proceeds go to his Pitching in For Kids Charity which is a fantastic organization, so it's all good.

Speaking of Father's Day, my father has been staying with me and will be here through Father's Day. Actually, I believe it will be the first Father's Day that I will have seen him in over 10 years.


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Suldog said...

Celts... :-(

They gave us a nice run, though.