Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sweet talkin' sugar coated candy man....

So it's been some time since I've shared a cosmetic "must have".
Lush Cosmetics..... have you heard of them?
All I have to say is.... yummy.

Not only is it all handmade, as well as organic and vegan which is very nice - some of it is edible.
Take for example my new favorite lip accessory - Mint Julip Lip Scrub. It's this amazingly delicious sugar and peppermint oil with a hint of chocolate exfoliator for your lips, and it leaves them incredibly soft. Then, I immediately follow it up with this unbelievable balm for your lips that's not so heavy that my Lip Fusion can't go right over it. It's called None of Your Beeswax and it's got a light citrusy scent to it. So I exfoliate, and then moisturize -- and then whatever I use for gloss or shine goes right over it.

Love, love, love it!!!
If you're as addicted to lip stuff as I am -- trust me, this combo is a must.
You'll thank me.
I promise.

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