Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Remember me to one who lives there...she once was a true love of mine

Soft sheets warm from the dryer. The sound of rain pounding on the street and the roof when all else is quiet. Peppermint oil. The sweet song of a violin. Herbs picked fresh from the garden. The first bite of a crisp apple. Nag Champa. Sweat from a strong workout. Blue Vanilla slush. The number 33. Greek yogurt drizzled with good local honey. My children's hair. Sunshine on my shoulders. Laughter. Sweet dreams. Givenchy Pi. Nostalgic music. A cold glass of peppermint water.


Suldog said...

All lovely things, and well worth thinking about and enjoying. I just recently discovered how good Greek yogurt is. Great stuff!

Rebecca said...

Isn't it fantastic!?!?! And soooo good for you. :) I eat it plain, mix it with honey - or, I cook with it.