Monday, June 14, 2010

Next day I'm your super girl, out to save the world - and it keeps getting better...

I'm having a love/hate affair with Christina's new album.
(Oooh, totally showing my age. I think "cd" is the more appropo term, right?)

Half of it - I love.
The other half....meh.
And one song - I hate.

I know that there's been some comparison between her and Lady Gaga lately, but I'm not getting that. I definitely get a "Fergie meets Madonna meets Janet Jackson" kind of vibe. And those songs I like; I love love love her more vocally challenging pieces - those are quintessential in my opinion.

I'm not loving some of the more obscure electronica; I think she's far too talented for that. To me, that's more for Britney who can't sing. I get her loving the influence - and I really like some of the songs that have that feel; but there are a few that to me that are beneath her, purely on a talent perspective. I haven't read the liner notes yet (uh-oh, dating again....I think I mean cd jacket notes?) and she may have written them herself, I don't know. I certainly don't begrudge anyone's talent efforts; I just think that she could've shown futura and electronica more brilliantly than some pieces reflected.

Another thing I noticed is that this is the first album that there isn't a song that I relate to so much as I did on the other albums. "I am" is a fantastic song...that might be the closest; but there aren't any real anthems on here that I can say "oh, that's so me". Which isn't a necessity on loving cd- but definitely is fun when it happens.

That being said, I can't wait for her tour to be rescheduled - and even though I'm disappointed that it was cancelled - on the other hand, this provides me another opportunity to score those front row tickets...!

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