Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Passion, Grace and Fire...

I've been back to yoga for three weeks now - and I feel fantastic.

It's a different studio than I've practiced at; but I'm adjusting to each of the teacher's styles and learning their subtleties. The classes I attend seem to have the majority of people attending that requires practice to be less aggressive or as strong as I'm used to; but I'm enjoying it just the same. Besides, being able to take class 4 times a week rather than 2 - makes it all worth while.

It's amazing how quickly it readjusts and realigns your body; I'm sleeping better, and not having some of the twinges I've experienced from working so physically at the store. I can feel my strength coming back -- and that alone feels great.

If you have never practiced, I've said it before - and I'll say it again; I highly encourage you to try. No matter how old you are, what kinds of injuries you may have - there's nothing more restorative for your body and your soul.

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