Tuesday, June 08, 2010

An hour, a month, a year....

I've mentioned many times that I believe that when a person passes, they stay with us -- sometimes there are even signs -- and if you're open to them, you will see them.

I don't remember if I posted about it or not, but in the first 48 hours of my Mom's passing - there were signs. Definite, and in my mind - unequivocable signs. There was one other sign about two weeks ago, that might not have truly been one, but it was fun to think it might have been. But since then, there has been nothing else. Until today.....

Today is the one month anniversary of her passing. One of my sales reps also experienced the loss of her Mom, two weeks to the day prior to mine. Since I haven't seen her since the immediate of her Mom's passing -- today when she came in, naturally I asked how she was doing. She answered, and in return asked about how I was doing. So, I mentioned that today was actually one month of her passing...when all of a sudden, no sooner was I able to get another word out of my mouth, but a soap dispenser cover came flying off the wall. No word of a lie. Now mind you - this is a commercial grade dispense, attached to the wall and the cover can not come off easily. As a matter of fact, because it snaps so tightly to the base - when I refilled it two weeks ago, I wrestled with getting it off. We've had lots of construction going on outside my building from time to time in the last 7 months we've been open: jackhammering of the sidewalk for renovation (so loud it triggered my security system!), the street's been regrooved and repaved, and nothing has ever caused anything to shake or let alone fly off the wall. (Might I add that I have a 42" television mounted to the wall directly above said soap dispenser....one would think that might move a bit if there's some serious shaking, wouldn't one?) But today, in the quiet store, with no type of noise or construction going on -- as we were discussing my Mom......the soap dispenser cover decides to just fly onto the floor.

Interesting, eh?

My friend K and I looked at each other in surprise....and then just chalked it up to my Mom saying hello. Remember the movie "Ghost", when Patrick Swayze realizes how hard he has to work in order to move something - but figures out how to do it? I swear, that's what my Mom is doing.

And if it's just random coincidences, well..... I just don't know that I'd buy that theory.

It's only been 30 days....and yet in some ways, it feels like an eternity.
At the same time, it feels like it was just yesterday.

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jenandmolly said...

Sweetie - your mom is going to be watching over you and your kiddos for a long as long as you need her! I belive that with all my heart!