Friday, June 18, 2010

Let him fry, let him fry, let him fry.....

Bring back the death penalty to Massachusetts is what I say.

Yet again, a cowardly monster butchers his whole family, and he gets to be protected by bulletproof vests. Seriously? Death by sniper would be too good for him.

Absolutely despicable; I went against my better judgement and read the story online and they of course showed a beautiful photo of his two children and -- naturally they released details of the murder which is just horrible.

They say he cited "financial and marital woes"; hmmm, I'm thinking he's got far bigger problems now.

Except for the fact that now he gets three hots and a cot - and gets to live off the taxpayer's dollars. Lovely.

If we made murder punishable by death -- don't you think there'd be far less murder?
Sometimes, the seemingly less humane societies are truly the most sane.
Just sayin'..

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