Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Emancipation of Me....

Saturday night, G & I saw Ms. Mariah Carey, 4th row in the Orchestra Pit at the Wang.
It was actually like being third row, because the Pit Wings don't have a front row, per se.
She was right there.

Now, I know that Mimi is not a petite girl -- but, I was pretty surprised at shall I say....hefty she was. Which of course, is not a bad thing - not trying to be a cat - but I think she could've dressed in a way that was more flattering. That being said, her voice is unbelievable. I wish she sang more of her classic songs rather than mostly the hip hop-ish styles but that's okay; I think I wouldn't necessarily see her again until she's older and more inclined to sing rather than be the R&B star.

Can I just tell you... her shoes..... amazing. They were the most gorgeous stiletto heel of at least 5" and completely ensconsed in rhinestones! Or maybe they were diamonds -- she is after all Mariah Carey. Though I've got to think that no one would ever wear diamond studded shoes! If I was a gambling girl, I'd guess Christian Louboutin....they were smokin'.

It was definitely not the most amazing show I'd ever been too -- she' absolutely could've done a different style show and hit that category; but it was worth going to.

Next concert on the "must see" list: my girl Christina Aguilera.
Now that -- will be a front row ticket if possible. If not, then I'll take the 4th row... though I don't know that she'd perform in someplace as intimate as the Wang.

But I hope so!

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