Monday, January 18, 2010

I feel pretty....oh so pretty....

And yet, I'm so very sad.

I spent the day with one of my girlfriends and we visited the oh-so-shiny happy place, Sephora.
Except.... I find out that my very favorite mascara, is no longer being carried by them.
Excuse me??

Do they know how long it took me to find the perfect mascara?
And now, I dont' even know where to find it!

So, I settled on this one. Shu Uemura which does seem to be fabulous based upon what I tried today, but the truth will come out tomorrow when I use it on fresh lashes.

Additionally, I found a new perfume I love love love... BVLGARI Omnia is one of my very favorites (thank you ever so much J), and Hanae Mori is always my first choice -- but BVLGARI Crystalline might have to be the Springtime parfum of choice.

Oh, and I did get myself a brand spanking new bottle of Lip Fusion...
It's that perfect sheer yet matte shine that I'm entirely addicted to.

Sometimes it's just fun being a girl.


Nichole M said...

Oh, I *hate* it when they discontinue my favorite stuff. Sorry you can't find your mascara; hope the new stuff works out well.

And yay for new perfume! I'm trying all kinds of new ones; currently addicted to Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and Kat von D Sinner. Not even thinking about spring yet!

jenandmolly said...

You make me smile!