Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So funny to think about now....

So, tonight we're watching that show "I get that alot" where celebrities pretend to be regular people working regular jobs and whenever a person says, "do you know you look like....(fill in the blank)" they respond with "I get that alot". Pretty flipping funny concept actually.

Anyway - G and I were talking about what celebrities we may have been thought to look like in the past. Which got me thinking about when I auditioned for the Charlies Angels spinoff back in 1988 - aptly named "Angels 88". I made it to the top 5 in Boston in a cattle call (ugh, hate that term) and lost out to Tea Leoni. While I don't think that she and I look alike at all -- I do see why at that time -- she and I might have been in a group together, if they were going for a certain look. This photograph of the selected girls "Angels 88" -- which never made it off the ground -- shows a resemblence between she and I that I can definitely see in retrospect.

(She's the one at the bottom.)
Boy, was I disappointed I didn't win that audition. But, I made it further than I'd ever expected - and I wasn't 18, and they were adamant you had to be 18. Who knew I'd make the top 5? Not me!

Besides, I wouldn't be here today.
And I'm pretty happy with where I'm at.

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