Thursday, January 14, 2010

Call any vegetable and the chances are good, Aw... The vegetable will respond to you

Seriously, I think I could be a vegan.

Well, except for the fact that I love red meat too much....that could be a slight problem.

But what I mean is that I love eating vegetables -- especially when they're roasted. It's amazing how hearty they are, especially when they're warm, and seasoned with olive oil., honey and good sea salt. Even turnips taste better when they've got a little baking love going on. Vegetables no matter how I have them, are fabulous - but there's something really yummy about how everything just tastes so good from the oven. Maybe it's a "comfort" trigger for me....the house smells good when the oven is on, I love cooking - which all in of itself is a comfort trigger.

I know I'm rambing, but I just can't wait to eat my dinner tonight which will got it.....roasted vegetables.


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Suldog said...

They scream when you slice them up, you know.

Just kidding (I think.)