Tuesday, January 05, 2010

All I can say is...."oh, my."

So, after much talk of hearing about this god-awful show on MTV -- I gave Jersey Shore a whirl.

How sad is it that I can't wait for the next episode?
Partly out of the fact that I'm just waiting for the insanely stupid things to come out of their mouths at any given moment; and partly because it's unbelievable to see how serious these people are and have no clue at how poorly they truly come off. I'm in awe at some of the comments and phrases they say. It's hysterical.

Speaking of hysterical and foolish, I can not wait for American Idol to come back!!
And it's starting on January 12th -- and Boston is one of the stops, so I can only imagine....

It's these television guilty pleasures that make life more enjoyable sometimes.
Wouldn't you agree?


Becky the Sign Lady said...

I totally agree.

I watch "The Bachelor" train wreck and I'm delighted that it's back on for another season.
There's nothing like watching 20 other people make idiots of themselves to make me feel better about my own life and (questionable) level of intelligence.

Susan said...

Reminds me of Revere Beach in the 80s. I love it..LOL.