Monday, February 01, 2010

Life is just a fantasy, can you live this fantasy life.....

(What ever happened to Aldo Nova? They were sooo good back in the day!)

It's just 22 short days until Pitchers and (ahem) Catchers report!
Thank goodness. It's been a long, long, long offseason.
Speaking of off seasons.....

How fun is it going to be to watch the Superbowl this year and not be overly emotionally invested into it!! It's going to be great to watch the game and root for the Saints. I do believe a little Superbowl Party is going to be on the agenda for this girl. Nothing crazy, just a little food - maybe a ham, some chili... you know how it is.

On another note, yet sports related -- I'm very happy to see Curt Schilling is back to blogging at his old blog rather than WEEI. I accidentally discovered that this evening, and I tend to enjoy the political blogs so it will be fun to go back to reading that again regularly.

Today I went and got my lungs re-xrayed (hmmm, not really a word but whatever....) and I am happy to find out that while I still have a bit of a cough - the pneumonia is gone. I still would've liked to have been put on an antibiotic; not that I'm a big advocate of taking medicines, but I'm not convinced that albuterol is going to make this go away. I'm not asthmatic for goodness sake. But suddenly I sound like I'm a smoker! And I'm a runner - not a smoker.... jeesh!

Speaking of athletics -- yesterday my SIL asked if I'd like to do a 175 mile bike run for MS. Of course I said yes! So now I'm off to find a good road bike -- anyone have suggestions? I've got a stationary bike at home to start my training with inside - but in roughly a month we'll start training outdoors so this girl needs to find a lightweight bike. Nothing crazy - I don't know that I"ll be riding very often after this; and I might even buy used. But brands to try - would be a welcome suggestion.

So, I've got a bike run to prep for and of course.... I'm going to start running again. Which reminds me, yesterday was the one year anniversary of having my knee fixed!

Amazing how quickly time flies.....


Suldog said...

I'm definitely rooting for New Orleans, of course. Should be a fun game with lots of offense, maybe 35 - 31?

~**Dawn**~ said...

And now as I am typing this, we have a bunch of players showing up early. Last report was that Lester & Buchholz were playing catch. Ahhhh... Baseball. =) I hope your cough is improving. I had pneumonia twice, once my senior year of high school & once when I worked at the daycare. That cough hung around forever. Even now, when I get a cold, I have to sleep propped up to minimize the coughing because it heads straight for my lungs.