Friday, February 05, 2010


So this is one week I'm happy to see over. It wasn't a bad week per se, but it was definitely a hectic and relatively stressful one.

Tonight is going to be a very quiet and relaxing one.... the kiddies are going to bed early, and I'm going to indulge in Chinese food for my third night this week (crazy, I know!). I have leftovers, and while I'm not typically a leftover kinda girl -- I don't feel up to cooking, so leftovers it is. Along with a delicious Sancerre, my night is going to consist of relaxing on the sofa and potentially indulging in a good movie. If I can stay awake that long...I'm pretty darn tired.

Tomorrow, if the kids are both feeling okay (Princess Petunia has had strep & a bronchial infection, ugh....and my Son is fighting a cold & cough) then we'll be going to our favorite farm for a Pancake Breakfast tomorrow. Of course, there are errands to run and foodshopping to be done. I did promise them we'd get that Big Top Cupcake maker and so that's on the agenda as well.

Superbowl Sunday, we're having a "feast" - as the kids like to call it. One of those Big Top cakes is going to be all purple to cheer on the Saints. And of course, there will be food.... so it's good times this weekend. Relaxing, yet busy - and good times none the less.

And then Monday, we start all over again.

Live well, laugh hard, love fiercely and enjoy yourself this weekend.

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jenandmolly said...

Geaux Saints! We're very excited in the Haggard household for the Saint's debut in the Superbowl!!!!