Monday, February 22, 2010

Life is a Cabernet....

I have to say - though I live in a city that has some of the most fabulous restaurants - I rarely get to eat at any of them. When you've got small children and a lack of sitter availability, do the math.

One of the nicer perks of being in the alcoholic beverage industry, is being invited to wine dinners and/or portfolio reviews. They're often held at some of the finer restaurants or hotels in Boston which makes it that much more appealing to try and attend. We don't typically go to the reviews because we're the kind of store that the reps bring the portfolios to us (Duckhorn tasting tomorrow by the way... how fun!); but there are often opportunities where you get to sample wine from some of the more relevant and prevalent players in the industry. Today, was one of those days.

I don't often leave the store during the week; it's my job, and I love being there - plus I feel as if things won't be the way I want them to be if I'm not there. I know, it's something I've got to get over, but we're a new store and so I think it's critical that I'm a constant. Anyway, today I made an exception and attended a luncheon that was at Abe & Louies. I was really impressed with the premises, and though I found a few minor glitches in my food (ahi tuna that wasn't fully thawed, but.... absolutely delicious!), I was really impressed with the menu and how it tasted. Perfectly proportioned as well -- it looked tres petite and yet, was quite satisfying.

The wine was Silver Oak, and we tasted out their Twomey line as well as their oh-so-famous Alexander Valley & Napa Cabernets. My personal favorite-- the Napa Cab. It was really, really good. I won't bore you with the details of it, but trust me. To die for if you're a Cab enthusiast.

I have to say, for a wasn't half bad!!


jenandmolly said...

MMMMMMmmmmm sound yummy! What time do you work till normally?? I'd love to stop by on my way home some night!

Nichole M said...

Duckhorn and Paradux are two of my favorite Napa wineries. LOVE what they do!

Rebecca said...

Hi Girls -
Jenn, I'm there pretty much until 5 most days. Let me know when you think you'll be by so I can be there!

Nichole -- today, the Decoy portfolio was good; Merlot my least favorite -- the Pinot Noir, surprisingly my most. And the Cab was delicious.... the Zin was softer than I expected which was good, but I was really feeling the Cab. :)