Friday, February 26, 2010

A bottle of red, a bottle of white....

I could use both right about now.
It's been a tough week. And it's not quite over yet.

On the Mom front - still no news on whether the chemo is working, but there were some side effects from the chemo the doctor was concerned about so my mother was admitted for some hydration, heart monitoring and blood transfusions. That in of itself isn't so bad; the waiting for the update on whether the chemo is working is frustrating - and then there's my Mom's perspective in general that is always draining.

Princess Petunia is down and out (albeit, very briefly given antibiotics are amazing in their quick effect on little bodies) with the oh-so-rampant strep virus. I got a call yesterday a.m. that she was complaining of a sore throat and with so many cases showing up in her school yesterday the nurse erred on the side of caution and called me. Good thing she did -- as she tested positive. My pediatrician actually came to the store and visited me today to discuss her (and buy a bottle of wine for he & his wife to have at dinner, truth be told) and he was surprised the result came back so quickly - but good thing it did, because she's already rebounding after just one dose.

So, I'm planning on having a nice glass of wine with dinner tonight. Menu at Chez "I'm just a girl" is oven roasted chicken cacciatore. I've got the fire place going, and I'm ready for a nice and hopefully quiet evening though one never knows.

If I had a jacuzzi, I'd totally be in it right now. That's one of the many things I wish my house had. It could totally be a "calgon, take me away" kind of night.....


Suzanne said...

Gosh Rebecca, so frustrating. I hope your mom is home soon with good news.

I had strep last week and my test came back super fast too. The good news is that after two doses of antibiotics, I felt like a new person. Hope she's feeling better soon and that you enjoyed that glass of wine! :

Wendy said...


I don't know if you got any of my messages so I will reiterate:-) I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I just found out last week and I want to make it very clear that if you need ANYTHING, please don't hesitate to ask. If your mom want to talk, or if you have any questions,need to vent, ANYTHING!

In the meantime, I will send many prayers and some strength to you and yours.

Love and light,