Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Things that you go "hmmmm?"

Note to the folks at the Advertising for Dunkin Donuts: if your audience has to really analyze and think about the "gimmick" -- it's not a good one.

When I got my cup of "high maintenance but keeping it real" coffee this morning, all I could see was that "holidays" was misspelled as "HOLIDDAYS". (Please see the photo. And if you can't see the photo - then clearly something isn't working right and I'll have to upload it again when I get home. Or, go buy a cup yourself and see!) Yes, I get that the one "D" was colored pink - but seriously, the whole play on acronyms fell blind on my eyes. Truly, all that occured to me was "A typo?? Who the hell did the QC and proofing for this cup?"

Note to the absolute horror of a human being who set an 8 week old kitten on fire in Springfield: I hope you die a horrible, painful death. And a long one too. No, nothing quick and easy for you. I'd say here what I'd like to see done to you, but I wouldn't want anyone to be shocked at the sadistic thoughts that can go through a girl's head when something so heinous is done to an innocent creature.

Note to parents of small children: The movie Bolt is by far the best movie for kids I've seen in years. You must take your own to see it in 3-D which is just fabulous, the best animation I've ever seen - and the story was really, really good! The casting was perfect (outside of Miley Cyrus whom I don't love...) and it was really very funny. Not in that fresh "adult" way that alot of movies are done in now - but just very funny for everyone. My kids laughed -- they cried, and at the end, my 7 year old said he wants to buy the DVD when it comes out. It is definitely a "must see".

Note to rude coworkers: When a "friend" comes in after having a bad hair tragedy (not me, a friend of mine) -- you don't laugh at her!! That is rude, ignorant -- and truthfully, given the stories I've heard about you -- you are in no position to laugh at anyone, about anything.

A note to Theo, Larry, & Mr. Henry: All I want for Christmas is Jason Varitek signed...Paul Byrd at middle relief (or a few good people for that role)...and yes, a really great bat in the cleanup spot.

While I've waffled on Mark Teixeira these last few weeks (because truthfully - I don't know that I love Youk at third. Mike Lowell, great player and great guy - but I'm not emotionally attached to him; it's the Youk factor I've got issues with) the truth of the matter is - we need a big bat, and a young one at that. He sort of fits the bill. So, I might be okay with that decision if it's made -- I'm just still struggling with Youk at third.

And finally, a note to Santa: (Well, probably my first of many this year!) On that whole Jason Varitek thing... him under my tree as well might not be so bad either. But if leaves Boston, you are going to owe me. Bigtime...!


Suldog said...

I'll say it. He (if a he) should have his dick wrapped in cotton batting, soaked in lighter fluid, then lit. After 30 seconds, put out. Repeat, once every four hours, until there's nothing left to burn.

Susan said...

You can always ask Dunkin Donuts on Twitter! : )

~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm all for "an eye for an eye" when it comes to horrible people who do things like hurt animals. Perhaps he should suffer the same terrible fate.

Now. Ya know how you feel about Tek? (Who, understand, I love & want to stay til he retires.) That is how I feel about Mike Lowell. Mike needs to stay. Why, oh why, can't there be any power hitting SSs out there? =/

Nichole M said...

I didn't hear about that kitten thing. That's horrific. We have our own horror story out here: there's an LA fire chief who beat a dog so badly that she had to be euthanized. Her jaw was broken in many places, she had brain damage, and was missing an eye. There was more, but i can't remember.

They haven't filed charges yet. They = the DA. Everyone is assuming it's because he's a fire chief.

Rebecca said...

Suldog -- yup. You're on a good path with that one.

Susan -- Nah, they irritate me too much. Going to visit Wine Expo though! Thanks for the tip!

Dawn -- I know, I'm sorry! I know you love Mikey Lowell. And he's such a good, good guy. I'm not sure that I want to see anyone else but him at third at the moment. You're right -- if there was a strong batted SS we could have a perfect solution!

Nichole: HORRIBLE. What an A-hole. Ugh. I just don't understand people sometimes.... it's horrific what people do to the most innocent of victims, such as chilren and animals. It really disgusts me.