Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Me + Food = Happiness.

I love Whole Foods.

I am right now, eating the most delicious French onion soup I have ever had.
But before I settled on le le potage fran├žais d'oignon, of course I had to see, smell and (loud sound of air sucking in here) taste things!

First thing I tried: Polenta Pistachio Bread with Jalapeno.
Oh. My. God.
If you like jalapeno (I do! I do!) then you'll love this because the burn is just on the end of the bite. And true to it's style of spice - it lingers just a bit. I'm not a big butter person, however with a touch of sweet butter to counteract the spice this is just delicious. I don't even like bread really and I'd have bought it.

Next up: Salmon Something or Other. (Code for "I can't remember the name of it!")
It was cooking on the stovetop and smelled fabulous.
It was almost like a bouillabaisse or cioppino; tomato based, with a little salt & pepper, garlic, basil and cilantro. Very light -- and really quite good. I wouldn't think to put salmon in a tomato base and surprisingly -- it worked. I almost got that instead of the French Onion, but eh - a little too heavy for lunch time I think.

Off to the cheese counter -- my favorite place in the whole store.
And they were sampling, my very favorite cheese in the whole entire world: Pavano Robusto.
It has a consistency similar to Gouda - but it is nutty and yummy like a nicely aged Parmigiano Reggiano, which is another favorite of mine. "Cheese, glorious cheese...so lucious and scrumptious". (Remember that commercial, all you thirty-somethings + out there?)

And then finally, to the fresh fruits, where I picked up a lovely container of icy cold, fresh pineapple (which I have now moved onto, as I write this...).

I don't know why food makes me feel so good, even when I'm just walking through a supermarket and looking without buying anything; other than it really is true that it just is the littlest things in life that can make me happy.


Suldog said...

Me, too. Food makes me happy. Lots of great family memories revolve around meals, for me. I'm surprised I don't weigh 400 pounds.

(And my word verification is "GLYZED", which is close enough to "GLAZED" to make it a funny coincidence.)

Anonymous said...

salmon stew. jnw