Thursday, December 04, 2008

So this whole knee injury is irritating me a bit.....

Both literally - and figuratively.

Physical therapy has been working, I definitely have better mobility and my knee straightens better but still locks and won't completely straighten. And it's still so sore to the touch in some places.

The therapist toggles back and forth between it being a torn meniscus, a strained meniscus, a bone bruise, and luxation of my patella - which he said he can feel a rub in my knee which goes with the meniscus, but also - the luxation when I use the bike.

All I know is -- I want it fixed. PT is doing good things as far as mobility but the discomfort -- so not close to going away. It keeps me up at night often because I can't sleep on my sides - the knees pressing together is uncomfortable. I can't lay on my back for long because my leg doesn't lay completely flat -- and if I lay on my stomach, the pressure on my knee face down is bothersome as well.

My follow up with the ortho is on the 18th, and I'm pretty sure that the therapist is going to recommend at minimum a scoping to see what's going on in there if this doesn't let up.

At this point, I'm good with that. Because it's entirely interfering in my life.

I miss yoga....sigh.


Suldog said...

When I tore my meniscus, they gave me six weeks of therapy and whatnot. I finally ended up getting arthro anyway. I've had no problems since. I wish they had done the arthro immediately. It would have given me an extra six weeks to play, at the time.

Nichole M said...

Wish you could move up your appointment! Sheesh. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be... not being able to do yoga or anything! :-(