Thursday, December 11, 2008

It can't even be called sensationalism...just plain ol' fluff...!

I am utterly disgusted and disappointed at the pitter patter soft shoe interview Larry King hosted last night with George & Cindy Anthony.

I wanted challenging questions; I wanted nothing left hanging with a sense of question. I wanted answers.

There were no hard questions about the odor in the car, which - according to some sources - still smells today, some 6 months later.
No questions about the hair that was found.

(I'm sorry, but the forensic evidence substantiated that there was a dead Anthony that was in that trunk. And if it's none of them......well, you can do the math.)

There was no concern or questions about the God awful Google searches that almost unequivocally lines up with every bit of evidence that has been found.

No questions about the lies. The endless amounts of lies that were told, and have been proven to be lies by their daughter over and over again.

As George Anthony teared up on many occasions during the show last night, my heart broke for him - because he knows the truth. He knows it in his heart and that poor man is being forced into choosing his daughter over his grand-daughter.

No questions about the changing of their own stories.

It was a disgrace of an interview, and I'm almost sorry I watched it.

The only reason why I'm not sorry, is because I got to see Cindy stumble and search for words to try to justify what must sound as incredibly unbelievable and vague excuses for why this is happening - even to her own ears.
She knows the truth.

(By the way, the truth about Caylee's father is that the Marine out in CA is the one who is the father. Now that more photos are released of Caylee as an's almost impossible not to see the resemblence.)

And while as a Mother, I can't imagine what she's going through right now -- as a human being, I can't accept the path she's chosen to take.

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