Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday.....

1. Last night I took my daughter to see the Nutcracker. It was my first time seeing it as well -- at least performed by the Boston Ballet. It was wonderful! The Opera House is beautiful, and intimate; we were in great seats in the 8th row so she was able to see everything clearly -- and I was so proud of her. She made it to the intermission, when she told me "I'm tired, I don't want to miss the end but I'm sleepy". She's only 4, and it was a 7:30 show - so she did wonderfully. When I get home, I'll modify this post to show pictures of us before we left and at the Opera House. This is definitely a new "Mommy and Me" tradition - though next year, it will be a matinee -- and a dinner in Chinatown afterwards!

2. I did not get a surgery date today; dissapointing to say the least. My MRI looks good, despite the fact that my knee is locked somewhere between 10 - 15 degrees from normal. Of course, the MRI was taken two months ago; a flap could be out of place now, whereas it wasn't so much then. He gave me a cortisone shot to see if that takes the discomfort away (not sure how it couldn't?!?) but to conclusively rule that it's a knee issue and nothing else, such as a pinched nerve. I've had a pinched nerve before, this is most not definitely that - but I suppose with my MRI looking okay, he needs to be sure before scoping. I get that. The shot itself didn't hurt, the after effect is bizarre --and the weirdest thing is that I got an instant headache and kind of groggy feeling. I'm still fuzzy, actually. I don't know why, must be a coincidence. Or -- maybe it's because I never take anything, ever -- my body is just reacting that way. Anyone ever have a cortisone shot and want to lend insight? Feel free!

3. Facebook is unbelievably addictive! Tonight, after the kids are asleep - my mission is to get cracking on the wrapping! Seems like lately I've been ensconsed in sending holiday cheers, virtual drinks and gifts online. I love it, it's a fun place -- and I'm in touch with alot of people I haven't been in touch with in years and who I want to be in touch with. Some people are friend "collectors" -- everyone they've ever said "hi" to is on their list. For me, I prefer to keep it to those I genuinely like and want to be in touch with.

4. News on the Varitek front is exceptionally quiet. I'm reposting but modifying my thoughts from earlier this week on the subject:

What is up with Tex & Tek? Both guys are free agents. Both share the same birthday date. Both went to Georgia Tech - where both were All American. Both are Boras boys. Both have similar nicknames. But the million dollar question is: will both end up in a Red Sox uniform this year?

The rumors started this week that Boston offered 8 yrs/$200M to Texeira; those have been firming up in substance as more agencies are reporting similar items, and John Henry publicly stated this morning that 10 years for Texeira is out of the question.

Rumors about Varitek have been swirling since before the season even ended -- but it's been rather quiet in the last few days as to what the future is for the Captain. It's looking like it's going to be once again be a holiday game time decision, and hopefully one that will make this girl very happy. (Santa, I've been really very good....!)


Nichole M said...

Ugh. Sorry about your knee. When's your next follow up?

I, too, am addicted to FB. I'm trying to get off as soon as I can because I have to wrap and bake still!!!

Suldog said...

We took our nieces to The Nutcracker a few years back. Great show, and they loved it.

chesneygirl said...

Aw, what a neat tradition to start with your daughter! :)

I am a Facebook addict too! I LOVE IT! Although I've been too busy to get on much this month.