Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagged by the letter..."G".

So, my good friend from "Along the Broken Road" (Dawn) had a post where you have to pick a letter (or have one assigned to you!) and write 10 words that you love, which begin with the letter.

Since I'm far too irritated with Boras & Co., to post my thoughts on the Texas Massacre of last night - I figured I'd do my Saturday survey a day early. Since she hasn't gotten back to me on assigning a letter, I picked a random one.

Besides, it's a snowy night here in Boston, I'm sitting by the fire w/ the family, sipping on a good glass of Riesling -- my creative juices might be flowing a bit at the moment. Let's hope so anyway... G is a really difficult letter!

1. Graciousness. It's a quality that I hope I have - and one that I'm hoping to pass onto my children. There are few things more annoying than someone who isn't gracious.

2. Gentle. I love everything about the word gentle. It's soft, it rolls of the tongue nicely. A gentle person is a kind person -- and again, that is a trait I'm hoping to instill in my children.

3. Goblets. Everyone should own a beautiful pair of wine goblets.

4. Glorious. The word glorious just makes me feel happy. Spectacular even! It's brilliant and sunshine, and.... beauty.

5. Gumbo. Goat cheese. Grapes. Garlic. Grilled cheese sandwiches! (You know I'm all about the food!)

6. Gemini. My son is a Gemini -- my best friend is one, and I have yet to meet a nicer astrological sign, truth be told.

7. Grammar. I'm a fiend about grammar. I deplore the use of poor grammar and really have to hold myself back from correcting others!

8. Gorgeous. One of my favorite adjectives. I think I like it best when it's not used towards people, but more so to describe the environment.

9. Gemelli. I love, love, love gemelli pasta. One of my all time favorites to use and toss with shrimp and veggies with olive oil. It's just the perfect choice.

10. "G". My husband. Technically, his name would really be an "E" but he'd kill me for putting that in writing -- so G it is! He'd probably be upset if I put my other nickname for him in print as well, so...let's just keep at he's my most favorite G word!


~**Dawn**~ said...

Sorry for the lack of letter, Rebecca. When I got home from work yesterday I had no internet (or cable or phone) and I just got it back about 30 minutes ago. Ugh. G was a tough letter! Impressive job! Gentleness is one of my favorite things too. I especially love when a "big tough manly man" also has a gentle side. Rawr. ;-) Thanks for playing along! And I'm sorry again that I didn't get to assign you a letter sooner.

clew said...

Oooo, G is a great letter for this game. SO many good ones! (I seriously didn't mean to use good and great there - heh)

I would pick the word Grace, too. Not only is it a pretty word and a desirable quality, but it was my grandmother's name. HEY! Grandmother, that's a good one too!

Okay, I'll stop ...

Hi Rebecca! I hadn't been by in a while and wanted to say hey and wish you a merry Christmas. HUGS!!! ~ Clew