Monday, December 01, 2008

Because you had a bad day, you're taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around...

Yup. It's a Monday.....

So, I stop to get gas this a.m. on my commute. The full serve was $2.39 (seriously?!?) but the self serve across the street was $1.73. Clearly, the choice of self serve was an obvious one, rain or otherwise. A woman pulled in ahead of me, and instead of pulling up to the pump to let me behind her -- she stopped. (If you ask me, that's pretty ignorant; especially since she knew I was behind her, I let her in ahead of me.) The other pumps were full, so I went around her to back up to the pump. Where I promptly misjudged and scraped right against the cement pole. Lovely addition to my already battered and bruised back end.

As this happened, a car on the other side has left - so I pull around into that spot. When I get out, a man in a van in front of me saw me examine the damage and since I noticed him watching I felt obligated to say "ugh. just add it to the rest of the damage..." and then when he chuckled, I said, "I think it's rather ignorant that she didn't pull up to the front pump" to which he replied, "it is ignorant, I hate when people do that" - but alas, it's not entirely her fault that it happened, and I felt bad so I said "well, even still that doesn't make up for my lack of driving skill...".

Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at, right?

Off I go to work, when one of my friends texts me to ask how traffic on 128 is. So, as she and I are going back and forth, a State Trooper whom I didn't notice two lanes over from me - suddenly puts on his lights and sirens. As I turn to look, he's looking at me and coming into my lane. So I think "oh sh!t. Bagged for texting and driving....I deserve it." So I pull into the breakdown lane, where he goes behind me. Suddenly, his siren changes to that annoying "hey dumbass get out of my way" squawking sound. I look in my rearview and he's waving me out of the lane -- and flies up the breakdown lane with sirens blaring to who knows where. Here I was being honest and guilty, and he wasn't even looking for me!

And then finally as I turn onto the road that leads to work, someone slams their brakes in front of me - my purse goes flying and all the contents fall out everywhere.

If it's true that things come in threes - then my Monday should be done for now.
But if not....then I don't even want to think about my commute home!


Suldog said...

Funny bit about stopping for the statie and you weren't the one he wanted! I hope your night is much, much better.

Nichole M said...

Whew! What a monday! Glad you made it!