Monday, December 29, 2008

Note to self...

I've been trying to give some thought as to what my resolutions for this upcoming year are going to be. I generally do a pretty decent job of sticking to them once they've been made, so I'm looking for what I really need and/or want to do this year that's realistic, as well as striving towards change.

In doing so, I remembered a note that I've had up in my work for a few years now but with always having it up - it has become wallpaper in the background of my life. So when I noticed it this morning, I thought today was as good a day as any to share it publicly again as it falls right in line with the thought of resolutions.

So listen up all you girls out there, because if you're anything like I am - then these are geared towards you!

1. Try to be more of an imperfectionist. (Boy, could I really take heed to that one!)

2. Acceptance is the key to thinner peace. (Embrace who you are. It's true. Sort of like being single and wanting to meet someone. Until you accept and love yourself and your situation -- how can anyone else love you?)

3. Your brain is always your best outfit. (Amen to that sistah! Can't stress that one enough!)

4. Must dress better in personal fantasies. (Um, not many clothes are involved in mine, outside of a #33 Red Sox Jersey on a particular someone who needs to be re-signed....but maybe those aren't the personal fantasies being referred to here???)


Suldog said...

Good list for you feminine types. I have authored a more male-centric version at my place.

Actually, I suppose it's a more stupid-centric version, but according to many of you women that means the same thing :-)

Nichole M said...

I'm right there with you on #1. I'm seriously way too hard on myself, especially when my patients are concerned.

Front office boys! Re-sign Veritek! Gawsh.

P.S. The preview for the MLB channel is on my cable network now! I can't wait for New Year's Day!