Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa baby....

Santa visited this girl early. Last night, actually.
I got a new digital camera!!

Like it? I love, love, LOVE it. Can not wait to take pictures with it this holiday! It's fun to use, with both a touch screen and a stylus pen; I can draw on them - do in camera editing -- the possibilities are endless!!

The best part is that the shutter is so fast, that I will no longer have bad photos of my daughter who is literally like trying to catch a moving target!

Also, no more "deer in the headlights" photos, as with the very disappointing shot of moi with Jason, from the Beckett Bowl. (If you'd like a laugh, search my archives around the Sept. time frame of '07 for that little photograph; it was really was such a horrible shot of this girl. Not for him though, he looked great! But of course the thought through my mind was "Oh God, will the flash ever go off?!?) The next time I have an opportunity to have a photo taken with him, there will be no excuse for it not to be spectacular. Though it won't matter because he'll be too busy looking lovingly into my eyes... (Okay, maybe not. Sigh. Sometimes my silliness gets the best of me...!)

My last camera I've had for over 5 years now - so this was definitely a good investment, and I can't say "thank you" enough.

"Santa cutie, hurry down the chimney tonight..."


Suldog said...

The first camera I get that guarantees me a good shot will be the first camera I get that guarantees me a good shot. I'm easily the worst photographer on Earth.

BTW, my word verification is "freaki". I'm sure it's a sign, but I don't know for what.

Nichole M said...

Merry Christmas to you! Hooray!

clew said...

Yippee! Guess what, I got a Coolpix for an early Christmas present too! Hub gave it to me early so I could figure out how to work all the bells and whistles in time for Christmas pics. Mine looks a little different than this one, but it's a Coolpix. I *LOVE* it. Have fun!