Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Jalapeno Blueberry Pumpkin...

Yesterday at the craft show, there was a booth set up that I couldn't
help but be drawn to.

Tyler's Sweet Revenge.

You MUST get yourself some.
Now. Stop what you're doing - click on the link and order yourself

I bought "Maine Wild Blueberry Jam". It's like nothing else I've ever
seen or tasted.

Sweet..but not too sweet. And it's all baby blueberries! Not blended
into a smooth jam, it's like having little blueberries burst in your
mouth as you eat your peanut butter sandwich. Which is exactly what
they do. (Which is one of my all time favorite sandwiches, might I add.

I mean, I love fou fou sandwiches - but nothing beats a good ol'
fashioned comfort food sandwich of Skippy peanut butter and some good
jelly or jam. But I digress....)

"Pumpkin Butter", is like eating pumpkin pie out of a jar. Oh yeah
baby. (A little Emeril imitation there for you.) Spread some of that
bad boy on a piece of toast - and it's like heaven.

But my favorite, which I proceeded to eat a half of a jar of last night
with some Triscuits (what, is that bad??) - is the Jalapeno Pepper

Say it with me: "Yummmmm".
(Not to be confused with "Ommmm" - but I think it's the same euphoric

God, I just love food.
Which reminds me, I'm hopefully going to the Beckett Bowl - and two
celebrity chefs are going to be there.

What are the chances of my being able to dish food with them?
Probably slim to none, but hey - stranger things have happened!

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Glitter said...

Sounds soo good - and congrats on the kitty!!