Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Better than the rest...

So I have to say, I'm dissapointed in the Patriots organization at the moment.

I mean, I get that "all the teams do it".
The question I pose is: but if all the other teams in the NFL jumped off a bridge…would you follow them?

Isn't that the basic rule of character, independence and ethics that we teach to our children?
Does it not follow suit in professional sports?

And better yet -- aren't the Patriots above doing what "all the other teams" are doing? Doesn't the Kraft Family and Bill Belicheck pride themselves with the fact that they operate in a manner that is upright, honest and respectful?

The thought process of everyone showing the Pats "no respect" and under estimating them all the time, I was under the impression always inspired them to work harder, play better and continuously prove that they're head and shoulders above the "other" teams, both on the field and as an organization.

Yet, unfortunately - the Pats are the ones who got caught being "like everyone else", which only leads to an unfortunate lack of respect from those who were already looking for them to falter.

It's almost as if they're the Yankees..the "evil empire" within the NFL. The bully on the block that everyone wants to see knocked down by the little guy. And while some if it is totally chalked up to "jealousy", because no one wants to see the same team win all the time (although, us Pats fans do!) -- jealousy only goes so far when ethics and integrity get called on the carpet, and unfortunately - deservedly so.

I can think of a million arguments as to why this shouldn't be a big deal. I can certainly justify it. But the core of the matter is that, whether it helped the team win games or not - it is a big deal. It's cheating. Plain and simple.

I just don't see how the Patriots organization are going to be able to come out of this in a positive light.


bigwhitehat said...

Ethics, shmethics.

At least your Pats played some good defense. Did you watch the Cowboys game? I'm the one who needs to be disappointed.

Rebecca said...

hahha, BWH - truthfully, they took the tape away 3 minutes into the first quarter. It doesn't change the fact that the Pats are the best team out there; but it's just a little chum in the waters for the sharks to feed on, which is just too bad. I'd rather see sour grapes with nothing to really hang hats on, then a question of ethics. :)

I did NOT see the Cowboys game, but - I can only imagine. Sorry!

Suldog said...

The only way for the Pats to come out smelling like a rose is if they are forced to FORFEIT the game. Then, when they go on to win the Super Bowl ANYWAY, they can have double bragging rights :-)

David Sullivan said...

Every commentator from Mike Wilbon to Mike Golic is laughing because the time it would take to videotape, then get the info to the coaching staff, then to the players, then to identify a play is so long it might only help on one or two plays per game and that is if the decided to run those plays that were videotaped. This is a "blip" on the radar and will mean nothing in a month.