Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mommy and Me time...

I'm home playing domestic supergoddess because my sitter is out sick today and tomorrow. Love love love these days, because it affords me a little alone time between myself and my daughter. Which doesn't get to happen very often, because she's the "second" child.

It's not often that I'm home, and both of my children aren't home as well. My son, always got lots of quality alone time because it was always just him; but my daughter never got the same "one on one" because well - she's the "second" child. Her brother is almost always around. Which isn't a bad thing, but I think sometimes that is part of the reason why she's as fiesty as she is. I think she feels the need for the individualized attention. And we all know, negative attention is just as effective as positive attention when one is seeking it.

This isn't to say that my little Princess Petunia gets ignored, because not only is that not the case - she wouldn't allow it to be as such either. She's quite demanding of everyone's focus. However, while my son is now in school full time, I'm really enjoying the girl time that she and I get to spend, if I am home with her.

Today, my son has a half day - and we're all going to go to Barnes & Noble after playing outside, because he wants to buy a new book. And I think Mommy and Sister could use a little something something from there as well. So while today, she and I have had some quiet time, tomorrow we get a full day of girl time.

Maybe a little nail polish...a little shoe shopping. You know, girl stuff.
Maybe even a stop in to Mom's work to visit everyone.

These are the days that make me really long for this venture to come through.
Though after the letter that was drafted and delivered this morning, I'm not so sure it will happen. We shall see.

In the mean time, think happy thoughts. Girl time. Nail Polish. DSW......Red Sox.


Peter said...

You are smoking hot!

Glitter said...

: ) Nothing like mom and daughter time.