Tuesday, September 18, 2007

DSW is definitely a girls best friend...

It is so hard not to get overwhelmed going into DSW.
I'm amazed I used as much restraint as I did.

Today was the first day I wore boots with a skirt - which means:

1.)It's officially autumn, and 2.) Boot Season has begun.
Oh yeah baby.

So, I didn't find the boots I initially went there to get. See, I have
a decent selection of boots at home, so for me to buy a pair I sort of
want them to be out of the ordinary.
Dare I say, extraordinary?
And there were none there that were really grabbing me.


I did find some fun shoes, that I should've bought - but didn't.
Which clearly means that I have to stop there on my way home.
(What a coincidence! I drive right by there!)

Which might make me feel better since I feel like I'm coming down with a
Mindblowing to me, considering I just got over flipping pneumonia!

But I'm feeling so "blah", that I'm thinking a very fun pair of shoes --
and a not so extraordinary pair of boots, might just be what I need to
put a little spring back into my step!


martie said...

I love shoes and boots......I think I may even have a fettish! LOL

Hugs ♥

Glitter said...

Don't get me started on shoes and boots. I have way too many and get made fun of constantly b/c of it.

Trenting said...

I loved this place when we had them here, now they've changed them to some other name, but there's one left that is like a humongo warehouse of shoe-ful delights.. I love love love footwear!