Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I don't think I could've gotten any more irritated last night...

So here's a question I have for Terry Francona - who I always really,
really, really like - and almost always understand and respect his
"What the FLIP were you thinking last night?"

And the game before that.
And...the last game Dice K pitched, before that one.

Eric Gagne? In a one run game?!
I mean, c'mon! This morning, one of my co-workers was like "Wow, you're
awfully hard on the guy. I know he hasn't pitched well this season, but
look at his body of work."
Okay. John Madden had an amazing body of work -are you going to have
him play for the Patriots?
I think not.

Pitchers are pitching their heart out, hitters are really trying to put
it together and make the plays happen -- and sometimes you've gotta be
able to see that the pitcher on the mound is struggling!
Hell, if I can see come Terry can't?!?

Today is September 19th, and after the season we've had - I should not
be feeling this unhappy or this uncertain.
Thank God Clay Bucholz is pitching tonight.

Off Sox topic, the Yankee's middle relief pitcher - Joba Chamberlain
really irks me.
I get that he's got an amazing fast ball. And I know his Dad is awfully
I just hope that he's a better person off the field than he seems on the
field, because wow, I really don't like him.
At all.

And there are my random baseball thoughts for today. I hope Red Sox
nation is a happier place to be tomorrow.


David Sullivan said...

Two things:

1) Gagne should never ptch another game in a Sox uniform. Its bad enough we gave up a good left handed pitcher (6-1) and an outfielder who is hitting .367 with 11 RBI's and 17 runs scored in 33 games, but he has cost us at least three games, maybe 5.

2) JD Screw should be left off the post season roster and should not play again in the regular season, unless Manny won't be back. Ellsbury, Kielty, Moss and Coco should be playing as much as possible to be ready for the post season.

Suldog said...

I have some comments of my own today, too, over at my place.