Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last to know...

So. Funny thing about working for the government…they tend to keep us in the dark.

We (the collective "we" meaning myself and my fellow co workers for our organization) found out this morning by an article in the Lowell Sun - that our building is going to be torn down.
Why? Great question! That's what we wanted to know.

Apparently, our building is loaded with asbestos. Did not pass a Life and Health test and is considered "unfit" for it's current use. Therefore, by an overwhelming vote of 94-1, Congress granted Hanscom something in the area of $12.8 milliion to build a new building.

I'd really like to know who the "1" vote against it was. Because if I come down with Cancer, I'd like to let them know about it.

It is pretty disgusting in my building. And whenever the HVAC is turned on, this rancid smell fills the air. Smells like "sour ass", which is quite the joke amongst my co workers and I. But that is the perfect descriptor for it. Think of it as tasting wine…top notes, and bottom notes. Top note is sour…bottom note is clearly ass. And I'm a Mom who has changed many a diaper in my life, I'm qualified to know what ass smells like.

So, we're probably going to be displaced into another building once construction starts. I personally hope it's the MITRE complex because they have always had the BEST cafeteria. To go back to having scrambled egg whites and fresh fruit every morning is enough to make me fantasize about the building being shut down, like tomorrow. But I digress….

What's so disconcerting is that powers that be at Hanscom haven't divulged to us - the employees - that we're working in unsafe health conditions. How disturbing is that?

Pretty darn disturbing if you ask me.


ramblin' girl said...

Wow... very disturbing. Hope your new building has a great cafeteria, too!

martie said...

Very disturbing, indeed!

Now stop over for a lighter note and see what I have for you! ;) ♥

Lloyd L. Corricelli said...

They haven't divulged that we're working in an unsafe building because we're not. If it was unsafe, under OSHA rules the building would be closed. The asbestoes in the building is contained and not fryable (meaning it's not airborne at this time).

I doubt we'll be moving anywhere either. If they do build us a new place it will be years. Look how long it took for them to build the gym....four years!!!!!

Glitter said...

Yeah, that is disturbing.

Rebecca said...

Lloyd, I'd have to agree tod disagree with you on this one. I think someone complained to OSHA, hence the Congressional push on this. They cant just immediately displace you or shut down, Even in "sick buildings" they phase it closed. Nothing is ever emminent or emerging with the government unfortunately.