Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Music. Television. Sports.

September is overwhelming on an entertainment level at the moment.

So many great television shows debuting and premiering; some great music has been released this month that I'm trying like crazy to get my hands on.

And then of course, there's baseball and football.

What's a girl to do? So much to choose from, so little time!

Tonight's all eyes on the Sox game, naturally. But this week is still going to be crazy -- between baseball, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, and the Contender - just to name a few. Never mind that I'm still playing catch up on "Rescue Me" via DVR. Oh, and Dexter is starting next week on Showtime. I re-watched the finale last night so that I can be all caught up for the season premiere. I
love intelligent television. (Which reminds me, last night I watched the latest Bill Mahr on HBO, and whether you love him or hate him, his monologues at the end are always so very good.)

Boy, am I lucky that Noggin and PBS Sprout doesn't debut new shows this regularly.

Politics, sports, intelligent drama and of course - a little McDreamy fluff in between.

Tell me, does it get much better than that?


burkely said...

I stumbled across your blog via your post on 38 pitches.
My wife and I are going to be in Boston on Tuesday and I am trying to find a good spot to watch a couple of the ALCS games while there. Got any recommendations where we can take in the local flavor?
Also, any other sights we should see while we are in town?
Any info you have is much appreciated.

A lifelong Sox fan...

Tickled Pink & Green said...

My husband would love you. He is a big Red Sox fan!

Rebecca said...

Hey All, I'm home today playing domestic supergoddess while my sitter is sick. So, I can actually answer your questions.

Burkely - thanks for stopping in. Depends on your age range. The 20-30 something crowd is usually at Cask n Flagon (Fenway Park area). Same with "Game On". Both very crowded, hectic, bar type places.

Otherwise, if you're just looking for places - just about any place with a television will be a good place. Boston's just a fun town to be in when any sporting event is in the limelight!

Ticked Pink & Green - Thanks for stopping in as well! About spilling the beans.... let's see. It's got something to do with my already existing business. If you know what that is, you might be able to guess what I've got cooking! ;) Hate to be cryptic, but one never knows who's reading....

burkely said...

Thanks for the info.
I'm sure it will be a blast.

Peter N said...

Hi Eebecca..it's been a while, but this is a hello from my heart! 3 up with 5 (5!! 5!) to go. Be well. Blog friend Peter