Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hi, I'm Rebecca...and I'm an addict.

It's true.
I've mentioned it before.  I’m a mascara addict.
I went to the mall at lunch today with a girlfriend, just to pick up a skirt at Ann Taylor that the sales rep forgot to put in my bag.  (Oh yes, imagine my horror last night when I went to go try it on, and it was gone!).  I swear that's all I went for.

Well, maybe that and this new MAC lipglass that I just love love love:  CHAI LIPGLASS

But that was it - I swear.

My girlfriend however, wanted to go to Sephora.  And while we were there, we engaged in a conversation as to how to make her eyes look larger.  And that turned into the sales rep giving her a cosmetic application.  Which in turn caused my fascination to mascara to bear it's ugly little head when I heard my own voice leave my body and ask "so….what kind of mascara is that you're using?". 

Truth be told, I sort of hoped she'd say it was something like Dior or Givenchy - brands I've already tried and been disappointed with.  But no.  She says a name I'm entirely unfamiliar with….and my breath catches in my throat.  I hear myself say, "hmmm.  I'd like to try some."  

Now, mind you that I put it on over my already decent mascara - but, this is amazing.  A -- mazing.  So good, I got three unsolicited compliments from people in the store who had no idea that I was planning on buying mascara.  I was already mentally committed but after comments, it was a no brainer.


SOLD to the blonde girl who's just a sucker for mascara!


martie said...

Wow........must be some good stuff. My point of view is that you're not a sucker.......just recognize good quality when you see it! Hugs

Glitter said...

Nothing beats good eyelashes!!

Lunch? this week?