Friday, October 01, 2010

Because you're mine....I walk the line.

So, tomorrow we have a showing for our house. And Sunday is an open house.

I still have so much to do to get it ready, and I of course - got right to it when I got home from work tonight, because during the week there just wasn't time. As I was cleaning out the storage area (or future roughed bathroom) on the third floor (aka "Mantown"), I suffered a little --accident if you will.

As I was rearranging the faux Christmas tree, there's the base that has the pointy end that goes into the fixed base.... I sort of slammed it down rather hard on my toes on my left foot. Accidentally of course, thinking I was propping it up against the corner of the wall not realizing my foot was there; I thought I was hitting the floor. (Can I get an "ouch" aloud? Thanks...) Blood, everywhere...and immediately. I literally thought I severed my toe - it was stingingly insanely painful. Truth be told, not nearly as painful as it would've been had I truly severed my toe I'm sure, but yes it was definitely uncomfortable. So, I yell really loudly (it's soundproofed in Mantown, so no one can hear me anyway. Truthfully, for a split second I thought "oh shit, am I going to have to clean up blood now!?! Fortunately the sock soaked it up before I made a mess. Whew!) and then get really quiet - because when I'm in a lot of pain, I sort of suck it all in.

(Did I mention I get a little squeamish when it comes to fingers, toes and teeth? No? Oh, well...I am. Only time I've ever passed out was when I sliced my finger really deeply on a can - and I hit the floor immediately. Weird, but for some reason that triggers something for my blood pressure to drop. I'm sure it's psychological. But I digress....)

Then I calmly hobble downstairs, and stick my foot under the tub water - all the time saying over and over to myself "please tell me I didn't sever my toe, please tell me my toe is there".... So, I finally get the guts to feel my foot and realize thanfully it's in one piece -- and take my sock off. Yes, my toe is a mess, swollen - disfigured, bruised - and there's no way I can walk on it, flat footed. Well doesn't that suck. Did I mention that I have a job that requires physical labor? Ah, yes - well, this should be fun.

So that's how my week ended. Um, how's about you?

I'm winding down with a few glasses of Layer Cake Shiraz (yum!!) and watching "Walk the Line", one of my all time favorite movies.

And so tomorrow morning should be fun. I still have more to do, and kids to get ready for soccer...and me with my hop along foot.

Good times... good times.


Anonymous said...

You need the right man in your the code word for this blog is "toefsd" Funny huh?

Rebecca said...

Anonymous - That sounds like something my husband would say. ;)

Toefsd? Get out! See, isn't it ironic...dontcha think?