Sunday, October 31, 2010

On this day, I see clearly...everything has come to light

Today, I had my first WWE experience.
Seriously - it was so much fun!!

I never really watched wrestling until my son liked it - and now of course, I enjoy it as well. My son has gone to quite a few matches -but today was the first time that Princess Petunia and I went as well. It was really fun - and it's wild to see everyone up close and in person. If you think they look big on television - you really get the perspective of how large they truly are when you see them. (Of course, sitting in the second row makes it that much easier, but still....)

We all have our "favorites" - and mine has been Edge. It was so fun because he had a match, but then came out again in the end. It wasn't a televised match, just what they call a "house show" - but I don't think that makes much difference outside of less fireworks, drama and maybe shorter matches. It still was with all top performers and just a good time.

It might sound silly - but I have to tell you, if you've never watched, give it a shot.
It's really very fun .

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Suldog said...

I've been a wrestling fan since my childhood. My Dad and I used to watch it - even going to The Garden for live shows on occasion - and we'd root for the bad guys, having good laughs together. I seriously miss sharing that with him.