Friday, October 08, 2010

I'm a little freaked out right now...

So, I'm driving up 93 tonight - and the oddest thing happened.

I swear, someone threw a something at my SUV!
It has a complete gouge in the drivers side door - I have to have the freaking thing replaced now! It's a brand new flipping Lexus, are you kidding me!?

My niece is spending the night with us tonight, and so I was going to take the kids to Fuddruckers for dinner but....the dog hadn't been out, so we decided to go out for Chinese instead since that was closer to home and we needed to go there first. As I'm driving home, I'm flying up the highway until I see lights and a wall of traffic ahead, so I decide to take an earlier exit and take the back roads home.

So, as I'm merging to my right, and I'm just about to enter the exit lane - there's a loud BANG on my drivers side and my SUV shakes a bit. We all say "what was that?!?!" and the first thing I think of is that someone threw something at me.

In retrospect, could it be a rock that bounced up from the road? Sure... but it would have to be one heck of a large rock -and there were no trucks near me, so that would mean that a rather large sized rock skipped lanes over to me somehow. Check this bad boy out:

I am so freaking irritated. Really. Not the best way to end the week.

Though, we're still getting Chinese. Just taking it in, instead.....

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